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e-CSR.net is a media platform serving as a reference for journalists, bloggers, experts, students, and academics seeking information from firms and nonprofit organizations active in sustainable development and CSR (corporate social responsibility).

Founded in 2011 by the company Comeen, e-CSR.net is a platform that allows everyone, specialists and learners alike, to better understand the challenges surrounding social, economic, and environmental responsibility for firms and NGOs.

This exchange of information is the heart of e-CSR.net. Whether through questions directly addressed to organizations, debates, surveys or article suggestions, the platform responds to 4 missions.

  • Inform: providing exclusive and inspiring news content on sustainable development and CSR
  • Analyze: identifying CSR within the practices and initiatives of companies, nonprofit organizations, and public bodies
  • Simplify: promoting the understanding of social, economic, and environmental issues companies must navigate
  • Engage: connecting society, experts and opinion leaders in an active and direct exchange with companies


Pierre-Yves Sanchis - Directeur de la publication

Pierre-Yves Sanchis

Publication Director

Marine Diers - Rédactrice

Marine Diers

Writer, Editor

Clément Fournier - Rédacteur

Clément Fournier

Writer, Editor


At e-CSR.net, we know that consumers’ priorities have changed. Now, they do not hesitate to take a stand for or against companies, nonprofits, or institutions for their business practices. At the heart of this change is the availability of information on the internet and social media, making the social, economic, or environmental responsibilities of these organizations public expectations.

Now, journalists, opinion leaders, credit rating agencies, and everyone in between are using the internet to better understand certain issues related to corporate social responsibility and to obtain concrete examples and figures.

E-CSR.net is the place where this information is centralized and categorized, with content supplied by our writers and editors as well as by the firms themselves. We make it a point to honor the fact that exchange is the heart of our platform, so members of the community themselves can participate and question the experts or corporations.

E-CSR.net was born from a desire to create the link between organizations and ordinary people, and to put corporate social responsibility at the forefront of the media. This is what drives us daily, and hopefully, will engage you too.


The business models of the internet and the media are in a state of turmoil in the face of a multiplicity of offers from advertisers coupled with Internet users accustomed to free information.

Faced with this observation, how can an online medium develop while guaranteeing its independence and objectivity?

While this question is a endless debate, here are some answers regarding e-CSR.net.



  • The content generated by our editors is and has been completely independent of the companies’ webpages under our site.
  • To avoid any conflict of interest, the editorial staff no longer offers consulting for companies or nonprofit organizations from the moment they launch their page on e-CSR.net.
  • The business model of e-CSR.net is that of a social media platform, such as Facebook or Twitter. Companies, nonprofits, and institutions are present to improve the visibility of their CSR and Sustainable Development efforts within a community in search of information and initiatives on those subjects.
  • Content provided by companies themselves and content generated by experts or journalists are separated and distinguished clearly to avoid any possible confusion.
  • The editorial staff cannot guarantee complete professionalism because some of us are not journalists. The editor fact-checks the news and analyzes information with sensitivity and skepticism.



  • E-CSR.net is published by the company Comeen, an agency specializing in brand consulting and social media marketing based in Paris, it is 100% owned by its main shareholder.

If you have any questions or require additional information, we are happy to discuss your feedback and improve our ethics and transparency.

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You are a company, a nonprofit, a public body, or an institution

Explain and illustrate your CSR approaches to key stakeholders by publishing your CSR news and achievements on your own webpage on our platform. Engage your stakeholders with input from the community of experts and influencers in the form of surveys, social media, and discussions. The readers therefore have access to relevant and complete CSR news about your organization in a clear and detailed flow of information.

You are an expert in one or more subjects related to the social role of companies, nonprofits or institutions

Enhance your expertise and contribute to the better understanding of CSR issues by participating in interviews, debates, and analyses of environmental, ethical, and social news. With e-CSR, bring an analytical and critical look to a community that can bring about change. Readers can easily see all of your contributions as an expert on the page dedicated to contributors of e-CSR, as well as on the experts newsfeed.

You are a journalist, blogger, or other web influencer

Access exclusive content from CSR actors, get in touch with experts and professionals active on e-CSR, and get specialized information from organizations regarding current issues, key figures, and sustainable initiatives and approaches.

You are a student, academic, or just curious

Expand your knowledge of the companies on e-CSR.net and discover the social, ethical, and environmental steps implemented by them. Contribute your voice, and explore topics that are important to you, ask questions, and speak online with experts and company representatives.


The e-CSR.net platform has a team of experts from its parent company, Comeen, that update the platform constantly, collaborating with journalists and companies to present wholly and clearly what is accomplished on a daily basis in terms of sustainable development.